Manufacturers in WhatACart

The Manufacturer section is used to categorize products based on there manufacturer. The manufacturers inside the system can be accessed under Catalog > Manufacturers.

The Manufacturers displayed below comes with the default installation. This data can be deleted and new manufacturers can be added.

It is a best practice to add manufacturer to the system before adding the product. While saving a product, it is advised to include the manufacturer so that in the store front it would be easy for the customers to search by manufacturer.

From the grid view, for each row view, update and delete actions can be performed. Also bulk edit and bulk delete operations are available for the records.

To create a new manufacturer, click on “Create” button on the grid view. On the create page, the following information is needed

  • Name – This is required
  • Image – Display image in the store front for the manufacturer.
  • Status – This could be either “Active” or “Inactive”

If the manufacturer information is updated, the associated product manufacturer information would automatically be updated.

Store Front

In the store front when the customer is on the product detail page, brand is displayed for the product. This is the manufacturer for the product.

By clicking on the brand, search results would be displayed showing all the products within the brand.

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