Product Options

Options allows to customize what details the customer sees when checking out a product. On the product detail page, the “Available Options” section is displayed under product dimensions. Please refer to the detail page for Apple Cinema 20″. The option “color” is required hence must be selected before the customer can add the product to the shopping cart.

The image below displays the options list comes with the default installation, but these can be edited or deleted. For each row, update, delete and view actions can be performed. On the grid level, bulk delete action can be performed to delete the multiple rows.

To create a new option, click on “Create” button. The addition of option requires following fields to be filled in

  • Option Name
  • Display Name – The name displayed to the customer
  • Type – It could be select, checkbox or radio
  • Option Values

Associate Options to Product

When the user updates the product, an “Options” tab is displayed which list the options associated to the product. Clicking on “Edit” button navigates the browser to “Assign Options” screen.

On the assign option screen, the user has to

  • Select the option for which values have to be added. If values are already added, they would be loaded
  • Select if the option is required or not
  • Provide inputs in the value row for a value
    • Quantity – quantity of the product with the option value in the inventory
    • Subtract Stock – Should stock be subtracted on purchase or not
    • Price – Impact on the price
    • Weight – Impact on the weight
Once the option along with the values is assigned, it would be displayed towards the end for example “color” in the above picture.

Store Front

As mentioned above, the options are displayed under “Available Options” block on the detail page.
The above option is required so the customer has to select the option to add the product to the “Shopping Cart”.

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